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German soldier

Troops from the both Russian and German nationalities will be encountered in the World War I era. Unlike in American Civil War era, differences go beyond simple dialect and uniform - each side also has distinctive facial features and weaponry. The Germans are armed with the Gewehr 98, and the Russians with the Mosin-Nagant. Note that this page does not include information about World War I Officers. Troops from this era will stick only to using their nation's bolt action rifles, and will on rare occasion chuck a grenade, but pistols are limited to their Officers.

 Bolt action rifles generally kill opposing soldiers in one shot (a Mosin-Nagant will do slightly less damage, and thus a shot to the arm will not be lethal). Since in all but one mission you're fighting on the side of the Russians, the Germans will tend to be your main World War I enemy throughout the game. Brandishing their heavier Gewehr 98's, a squad of infantry can be rather fearsome if you're alone and out of cover. This can tend to happen often, as German soldiers have a propensity to die quickly and launch forward attacks on defensive Russian soldiers. German soldiers can be killed quickly and with ease, particularly with the usage of the Vickers Machine-gun emplacements.

 A bolt action rifle is handy and readily available when combating these soldiers - however it can prove to be a hindrance in a close quarters encounter due to its fire-rate. You're best off with the Gewehr 98 since it's a guaranteed kill with every shot, but some might prefer the Nagant for its neatness. It's useful to keep a Mauser C96, or a Luger in backup just in case. Usually a futuristic weapon will be provided for you however, such as the Shotgun.

Russian soldier


Russian soldiers and officers at The Battle of Tannenburg.

  • Both nationalities seem to use the same type of grenade. It appears to be a Model 24 Stielhandgranate, a German grenade, but with a modified fragmentation head. Russian variations are non-existent.
  • Although some care was obviously taken in regard to historical accuracy, it's clear that the helmet the German soldiers in the game wear is the M1918 Cut-Out Varient Stahlhelm (Steel Helm) with a spike attachment. In 1914, especially the Battle of Tannenberg, German soldiers were only supplied with leather helmets that offered no protection against bullets.