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Russian Officer

German Officer

The World War I Officer is a World War I-era combatant found on the battlefields in Eastern Germany. In comparison to their Revolutionary War counterparts, the officers of the First World War tend to be far less common. The only weapons they use are the Luger or Mauser C96. They too are the only ammo sources for their period pistols, making them something of an exceptional rarity. Oftentimes it's necessary to simply trade in an empty pistol for a secondary bolt-action rifle. However, given the short range use of the pistols, they don't come into play all too often for the player.

 Other than their pistols, they never throw grenades or shoot rifles. They're stronger in health than their regular infantry counterparts, able to take two rifle slugs in the chest from even a Gewehr 98. Their fire rate naturally greatly exceeds that of their brethren as well, but is usually trivial since the Russians will never fire their C96's in full automatic mode. Many spawns of troops are unaccompanied by officers.