The wooden shield (Scutum) is a bullet-proof shield used by the Roman guards during the Pompeii mission. If the Roman guards are in combat (generally the Player), they will crouch while holding the shield in front of them, and slowly advance towards whoever they are attacking. Once within striking distance, they will move their shield out of the way every time they lunge with their spear at the player. Even though the shield is bullet-proof, it is quite easy to take out the Roman guards, either with the FMG once the player gets it, or by simply shooting at their heads which are in full view. Firing at the feet is also a good way to dispatch them, either by using the assault rifle or the shotgun.


  • It is very strange that the shield is bullet-proof as it is made of natural materials, namely wood and leather. Tests performed on replicas show that the typical force of merely a two-handed axe can destroy a shield. The most compelling argument for the inplausible impenetrability of their shields is that the developers simply intended to add some degree of challenge against these woefully inferior enemies; however as previously noted, their lack of range makes them susceptible to having their weak points above and below the shield targeted.