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Darkest of Days - Part 27 [HD] (PC)[]

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  • hey at 5:10 for some reason it starts a lysol spray commercial(only the audio) and does anyone else hear this?

KoanSilver21 1 year ago 24 Reply**Share

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  • I think you do play as the Nazis in this game don't buy it! *sarcasm*

BTW the Confederacy wasn't all bad. TheOldSchoolPlaya08 1 year ago 10 see all====All Comments (34)====

     Respond to this video... characters remainingCancel orPostor Create a video response*@KoanSilver21 I thought it was me.

ArthasvsLeon 1 month ago


ssjbrendan12 3 months ago

  • 0:33 lol timewarp buttcheeks

lordofthenachos 5 months ago

rainbowcookie1013 7 months ago

popcornlicker1082 7 months ago

  • @KoanSilver21 yeah i hear it t.... at first i thought it was a pop up 

gearsofwarhero1 7 months ago

artuno1207 7 months ago

  • i think the guy playing is also like what ther mother..... when the commercial starts

gunny556fly 10 months ago

  • what the fuck is with the lysol ad at 5:10? what the FUCK

LordRambo 10 months ago

  • For those of you who hate commercials and just want to hear what the person has to say, I found another vid on youtube with it. watch?v=hK4IT3HfDh0 at 4:30 Offcourse if you like it the way it is, just ignore me...

rgbk73 10 months ago View all Comments »1 2 3 4 NextLoading...


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