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Mark IV Tank as seen in game.

 There is only one functioning tank in the game, located in the first level of the Battle of Tannenberg in the World War I-era. The only other one seen in the level is nearby it, but has been destroyed and has flames belching from its compartments. The Tank is German, cannot be destroyed, and fires an MG08 Machine-gun from its side semi-rotating turret.

Another mission that features an inoperable tank is the level Trestle Goes Boom, with similar flames belching from it. There are eight more in the level Eye on the Competition, but all are inert and apparently only exist as targets for artillery bombardments that the player is tasked with coordinating.


  • In a blatant move of historical disregard, the tank seen in game is actually a British tank, either a Mark IV or Mark V. This could have been justified as being tanks captured by the Germans, as did happen on the Western Front, but is not excusable since the first introduction of the tank on the battlefields of the First World War was 1916, during the Battle of the Somme in France. The Mark IV's were never even requisitioned for production until a further mid-1917; the game taking place in the early days of the war in 1914. Also the tank is shaped slightly different and features a cannon on it's front. Artillery pieces were never armed onto the front of Mark 4 or 5s or any British tank, instead having machine guns such as the Lewis gun, which may have been misidentified as a cannon by the game developers.
  • The tank is not in fact an actual unit; it's simply a model placed in the game world, with an invisible gun-turret placed facing where the Tank's guns are facing. It uses the MG08's statistics, including it's sound (even though the machine guns the tank is armed with are Hotchkiss machine guns: French guns often armed on Mark 4 and 5s). The heavier cannons seen on the tank are inactive.