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The weapon model of the Springfield Musket (bayonet attached).


The Springfield Model 1861, or as it is referred to in-game, the Springfield Musket, is a muzzle-loaded, rifled musket used in the American Civil War. Given that this is a muzzle loaded weapon, each round must be loaded individually; this process requires inserting powder into the barrel, adding a bullet, and then ramming it down with the musket's ram-rod to ensure a compact fit. Thus, reloading time is considerably lengthy in comparison to other long-arms used in the game.

It has very good stopping power and will always result in a one-hit kill, regardless of where the shot lands. Ammo is encountered frequently, as it is the main service weapon used by both the rebels and union troops. It is important to note that when the musket fires, it emits a puff of smoke in front of the user which obscures sight for a short period of time. It may become necesarry for the Player to shift position in order to be able engage his targets.

The same is true for all NPC soldiers seen on the battlefield. However, they do not suffer from being unable to aquire targets through the smoke; it is primarily a particle effect to create an immersive atmosphere. As such it may become difficult for the player to target enemies due to their blackpowder smoke. The fixed bayonet is hard to use in melee combat.


  • In reality the Springfield Model 1861 could only be fired and reloaded three times a minute by even the most experienced marksmen.
  • The reloading animation misses a very important step; the placing of the percussion cap.
  • The Springfield's socket bayonet was considered impractical by troops during this period. The new Rifle-Muskets could fire longer ranges with more accuracy than smoothbores and the percussion cap was more reliable than the earlier flintlock. This meant that any massed troops making a bayonet charge could be slaughtered before they reached the enemy. It was usually used as a self-defense weapon of last resort at close ranges where reloading would be difficult or impossible.