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Heavy 2.png

The Opposition Heavy Soldier, referred to by KronoteK agents simply as the Heavy is the toughest character in the game.They are much more durable than their regular counterparts and pack a bigger punch.

The Heavy is by far the most difficult enemy in the game to fight. Equipped with heavier armor and far-superior shielding as compared to their regular comrades, it takes no less than a full magazine of AR-55 ammunition to bring one down, even with upgrades.

Keeping on the move and taking advantage of cover at every opportunity is recommended when fighting a Heavy, as their multipurpose weapon, which appears to be attached directly to their right arm, is capable of delivering both a withering barrage of rounds, as well as firing a rocket-propelled grenade towards the player's position with unerring accuracy.

When firing, their weapon will emanate an extremely loud buzz that can be heard clearly from even a great distance. Whether this is intended as a form of psychological warfare is unclear due to lack of information. When firing an explosive, the weapon will emit a short whirring noise before firing.

Encountered in both parts of the "The Vesuvian Man" mission armed with a multipurpose heavy weapon that cannot be obtained by the player.