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The Opposition are generally the most dangerous antagonists of Darkest Of Days, and the main enemies that the player will encounter. They are futuristic soldiers, and are actually the future soldiers of Kronotek.

They will spawn in one of two ways, the first way being, if the player kills an enemy with a blue aura surrounding them. This will create a disturbance in the time stream and will force the opposition soldiers to investigate. They will then charge for the player and attempt to kill them.

The second way being, in a scripted level. Example: 'The Vesuvian man' level, where they will appear in Pompeii, to fight the player, and the player's Kronotek comrades.

They carry weapons that are marginally superior to Kronotek's weaponry. (Via the addition of scopes and faster reloads.) When the player first encounters them in 'A harvest of carnage', they carry burst-fire dNGR pistols. And appear in groups of three.

later on in the game they start to carry shotguns and AR55s.