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Cartridge: 9x19mm Parabellum.
Feed: 32-round Snail Drum.

The MP 34 is a submachinegun that was used by the pre-war German army and the nascent Waffen SS. During the war it was gradually replaced in front-line service by the MP 40 and was issued to rear-area troops.

It is used in the Prison Camp mission to rescue Petrovitch from a firing squad. It can be obtained either from Agent Dexter or German prison camp guards armed with submachineguns.


  • This is actually the similar-looking Bergmann MP-18/I. It was a close-quarters weapon used in World War I by German Stormtroopers in 1918. The MP-34 was select fire and couldn't use drum magazines.
  • The MP-18/I took either a 20-round "stick" magazine or the Luger Carbine's optional 32-round trommelmagazin (German > "drum magazine"). The postwar model (called the MP-28/II) had to omit the ability to use drums due to a Versailles Treaty stipulation.
  • The trommelmagazin had a round ammo chamber (like a drum) that fed through a long ammo chute that fit in the Luger's magazine well like its box magazine. It was dubbed the "snail drum" by Allied troops due to its resemblance to a snail peeking out of its shell.