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Kronotek Infantry in the Civil War era.

The same soldier, head-on.

KronoteK Soldiers are heavily armored 22nd century infantry, working for the time-travel organization of KronoteK. KronoteK soldiers are not exclusive to the 22nd century (as no actual missions take place there), and can be found at certain scripted sequences throughout almost every era in history. They are the predominantly friendly force in the pivotal battle in Pompeii, against similarly numerous Opposition Soldiers .

KronoteK troops are never hostile towards the player, and are almost exclusively armed with assault rifles. They will at times follow him around, particularly in the Pompeii level, making for a very useful party. However stronger than 20th and 19th century troops they might be, they lack the force fields that shield Opposition troops from small arms fire, as the Opposition is from a time even farther in the future than KronoteK. In the Pompeii level, KronoteK infantry will primarily time-warp into the battlefield by use of hijacked Opposition Telesyncs.

It is impossible to determine the exact combat effectiveness of KronoteK's soldiers in relation to the player, as it is impossible for the player to kill friendly troops except via console commands. Despite being presumably inferior to Opposition troops, they appear to hold their ground fairly well against them; especially considering that the Pompeii level consists of KronoteK infantry assaulting a heavily fortified Opposition base.

KronoteK soldiers are always helmeted, with exception of Dexter and Bob. The only other exception is perhaps KronoteK Agents, only encountered in the World War I Zeppelin level "Stairway to Petrovich", who are dressed and armed with period weapons and clothing. It's speculated that perhaps some or many of the KronoteK soldiers or agents are history's "MIA's", much like Alexander Morris and his partner Dexter.