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Henry Rifle as seen in the game menu.

Name: Henry M1860 Rifle.
Action: Lever-action repeater.
Feed: 15-round tubular magazine. (Expandible to 18 or 30 rounds).

The Henry repeating rifle, or as it is simply referred to in-game, the Henry Rifle, is a lever-action, .44 caliber repeating rifle from the 19th century era, used in the Civil War levels. It is used by the Civil War Troops and also by some Native Americans in the Battle of Little Bighorn and The Trap. It has a good base capacity (16 rounds), a good fire rate, and moderate damage. The reload delay depends on how many bullets you shoot before you reload. If you fire less bullets before you reload, the faster the reload, if you shoot more bullets before you reload, the slower the reload is, this is because the rounds must be loaded in individually. As a result of this, increasing the weapon's ammunition capacity will adversely affect the reload speed.


  • The Henry Rifle is the only in-game breach-loading fixed-cartridge weapon available in the Civil War period. All the others are muzzle-loading cap-and-ball weapons that use a separate paper cartridge and percussion cap.
  • The real-life Henry Rifle was not a gate-loader as shown in the reloading animation. It loaded by removing the tubular magazine from the front, filling it with ammunition, and sliding it back into place. The later Winchester Rifle that evolved from it was a gate-loader.
  • The Henry Rifle was not such a common sight on Civil War battlefields as it is in the game. The rifle was not, in fact, standard Union nor Confederate issue at the time. Union soldiers (and some State Militia units) had to buy the prized weapons with their own funds. The Confederates were forced to loot them off captured or killed enemies. There was also a scarcity of ammunition, since the copper-cased bullets were not in the regular supply chain and were often purchased through the mail.
  • In its six years of production from 1860 to 1866, only 14,000 rifles were made.