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Weapon model of the Gewehr 98

The Mauser Gewehr 98 Service Rifle, or as it is referred to in-game, the Gewehr 98, is a bolt-action 7.92mm Rifle from the World War I-era, available in large supply in any World War I level, used exclusively by the Germans. It has extremely high stopping power; a hit anywhere on the body will result in death (with exception of Opposition troops), has a reasonable fire-rate, fast reload time, and a five round internal magazine. The bolt action rifles of the WWI era are all extremely well-rounded weapons.

The Gewehr 98 is more powerful and louder than its Russian counterpart, the Mosin-Nagant. However, fully upgraded, it has a smaller capacity (16 in comparison to 20), and the iron-sights are less favorable than those of the Nagant.


  • Curiously, the game developers have admitted to getting the two rifles backwards. Realistically, the Gewehr was the lighter, efficient masterpiece, while the Mosin-Nagant was the rough brute.
  • The rifle appears almost too short, almost resembling a Gewehr 98k model, if it were not for the distinguishing aesthetic features (lange-vizor rear sight, lack of sight hood, straight bolt). It also has an incorrect handguard; there was no wood on the upper handguard past the rear barrel band.