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The Force field is used by the Opposition to protect their troops. The present Kronotek has not developed the technology to make a force field yet, therefore none of their troops including the player can use it. Force fields protect against all attacks, and when the player first encounters the Opposition, the force fields make it impossible to defeat them. After the level "The Trap", it is possible to defeat the force fields and defeat the troops using any weapons, it is also possible to temporarily disrupt the force fields by throwing chasers at them. However, it will take a few shots to defeat the force fields. The Opposition Heavy troops have much stronger force fields than the regular Opposition troops, therefore it will take many more shots to defeat their force fields. The FMG can quickly defeat any force fields if you are close enough. If the FMG has a full charge and you directly shoot someone while using the iron sights, then it will instantly defeat both the force field and troop, whether they are a Heavy or a regular troop.

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