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Dexter in KronoteK HQ

Dexter is the deuteragonist of Darkest of Days, he is probably born in the 1960s/70s. He is a fellow KronoteK agent who fights alongside you during the game. He has a trademark safari hat and often uses vulgar and comical language. Before becoming a Kronotek agent, he was a firefighter. One day (many believe to be 9/11), Dexter was working in a damaged building when the roof came crashing down. A KronoteK agent saved him and offered him a deal to work as an Agent.

At the start of the game he largely sees Morris as a hotheaded raw recruit, as shown when he address him as "the fuckin new guy". However though, he is impressed by Morris's quick ability to become used to modern technology along with his dedication to his job. He also develops respect for Morris which is implied to start at the end of "The Trap" along with genuinely caring for him, evident at the end of the blimp debacle as he chooses to save Morris along with himself and leaves Collins and Gibson to die. He also shows admiration for his skill with big weapons as shown when he says Morris and the cannon made one heck of a team, along with the fact if Morris is given a big gun he is a regular sniper. At the end of the game he tells Morris that he is honored to be his partner and later asks Morris what they should do.


  • One of his dialogue he said he wants to go back into the dinosaurs to kill a stegosaurus