Darkest of Days, torented can result in a horrible gameplay, and horrible game itself.Some aspects have been changed, some quotes have been altered and/or added, and some animations missing, the list is following:


  • On the levels of Antietam, especially Night Moves, there are several, probable unintended,yet gameply-ruining AI-dialogue alterations, wich most notably include"Idjits" instead of "Idiots'" . (Idjits is used in rl)
  • On the level A sunburns too far, if one looks closely, one can see that a small quote lists, saying (exactly in lower-case letters) : "dexter:careful boy!" after the his quote after the Confederate Sharpshooters begin to fire.
  • The Henry Rifle has no pre-map/map opening animation.
  • The Gewehr's (normal rifle) pre-map/map opening animation is glitched, as the weapon gets down to get the map, the weapon's bolt slightly moves and the left arm disappears glitched (looks like being lift glitchy lift in the air).
  • The Henry Rifle's aim-down-the-sight move slightly lags, but it can be observed mostly on Harvest of Carnage and A sunburns too far.
  • If the player tries to throw a grenade while holding the "Rocket" Launcher on the level, Onward to Frankenau, the weapon stands still, as a "third-hand" sticks out throwing a grenade.Generally, the weapon itself and the Henry Rifle lack animations, as the launcher lacks meele, grenade and map animation, and the Henry Rifle lacks the pre-map animation.
  • The facts about the Launcher are generally intended, as, in such a situation, with such a weapon at hand, nobody would think about meele-ing, throwing grenades or checking the map.
  • Union and Confederate troops, while reloading a Henry Rifle, look like reloading a musket, as the outside-view of the Henry's reload is merely the same as the Musket's.
  • Not really being only in PC,but the Morgan Jame's reloading animation looks slightly, idiotically fast, as the player quickly swings the weapon while beginning and finishing the reload animation.
  • The same above occurs while the player tries to reload the weapon jammed.The player quickly swings the weapon left and right trying to get the rod in the place, after putting the gunpowder.
  • On the level Germans on the run, at the very end of the level, when Petrovich speaks about the move to Frankenau, he has randomized quotes, as he may randomly yell "'Za Stalina!" at the beginning of his sentence, or other quotes used by the Russian soldiers.
  • If the player clicks in the middle of the reload animation, of any weapon, the weapon's animation will reverse to the beginning point of the jam animation, making the weapon look truly odd.