Darkest of Days Wiki

The DNGr Sniper System (or DNGr Barracuda) is a next-generation "smart" sniper rifle firing a large-caliber high-velocity cartridge. The scope figures out all the variables (range, velocity, wind, humidity, etc.) and projects where the target either is or will be. All the shooter has to do is aim it and fire. It has "smart" bullets, so it can fire at angles conventional sniper rifles couldn't. 

To calculate a firing solution using the scope, hit the alternate fire button. The weapon has effectively unlimited ammo, as no magazine or spare ammo counter is displayed. The weapon is carried in the player's left hand when not in use, meaning he can only use a sidearm like the DNGr Pistol to defend himself.

It is used in the World War 2 mission (Poland, 1941) to snipe the prison guards while Matvey Petrovitch escapes. The player then has to set the weapon to self-destruct before exfiltrating to the telesync bubble.


Because of the features of this weapon once the player has locked onto an enemy target the weapon will still be able to kill the target - even if the target goes behind cover (a shallow wall, or even a full fledged building). The bullet can often be visibly seen clipping through the cover to dispatch the target.