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DNGr Pistol as seen in the game menu.

The DNGr Pistol is a post-22nd century century side-arm. It is the standard pistol of the Opposition troops; Opposition warping into an area due to blue aura casualties or scripted events will almost always include a soldier(s) wielding a DNGr pistol. Its appearance resembles that of a modern polymer handgun, but it has the ability to fire three-round bursts in quick succession, and has a surprisingly large 30 round magazine.

It is a very useful and reliable weapon, however it has low damage. It can sometimes take up to two 3-round bursts to dispatch even early 20th century enemies. It makes up for this with surprising accuracy, even being able to routinely hit targets when fired from the hip. However useful it might appear, it is outclassed by the assault rifles and sub-machine guns of the same period - also common weapons among Opposition troops. Kronotek agents are seen scarcely, if ever, wielding these weapons, and Opposition soldiers seem to have terrifying accuracy when wielding it. The gun includes a green laser sight mounted under the barrel, and what appears to be a pressure-activation switch duct-taped to the handle.


  • Interestingly, the magazine is loaded into the top of the weapon, apparently by replacing the slide, rather than simply being slid into the grip.