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The Colt Revolver as seen on the start screen

The Colt Army Model 1860, known in-game as the Colt Revolver, is a Single-Action (hammer must be cocked before every shot is made, some-what semi-automatic in-game), Break-Action (the gun is partially separated in order for it to be loaded) revolver, with a low base capacity (6 rounds), and reasonable stopping power. It is from the Civil War era and used during the Battle of Little Bighorn, and its ammo is somewhat rare, as only the officers carry this weapon.

Its damage performance is comparable to that of the Henry Rifle, with a slightly faster firing rate. However, due to the difficulty of obtaining ammunition for it, its lackluster iron sights for longer ranges, and limited ammunition capacity, it's mostly superseded by the Henry Rifle.

Officers on either side of the Civil War-era battles will be found to be using a Colt Revolver in one hand, and wielding a Sword in the other. These officers are, most of the time, the only source of ammunition for the Revolver. Cavalry of the time can also be seen using the Revolver, mostly by means of dual wielding. Colonel Custer also uses this method as his primary means of attack in the Battle of Little Bighorn level, shortly before his death.


  • The Colt Revolver is the first weapon you get to use, as it is the only thing you could keep on your person after blacking out during the Battle of Little Bighorn.
  • The weapon is innacurately shown as being able to reload by switching cylinders.