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During the Civil War era missions, you will encounter Confederate and Union troops. Note that this page does not include information about the Civil War Officer. Aside from dialogue and uniform, both side's troops are identical in terms of statistics and weaponry. They usually have a Springfield Musket, although sometimes they might have a Henry Rifle or on rarer occasion, a Morgan-James Rifle.

Civil War troops will die in one shot from a Springfield Musket; their most prevalent fire-arm. A Henry Rifle aimed anywhere except the head will usually take two shots to put one down, and the same goes for the Colt Revolver. They're very slow to reload, but enemy troops tend to arrive in areas en masse, allowing them to put down large volumes of multi-directional fire. Combined with their reasonable range and the tendency for Civil War era levels to be difficult to see in (due to lots of brush, tall grass, trees, and sometimes fog) they can be worthy adversaries.

However Springfield muskets use blackpowder accelerant, and as a result there will be a distinguishable puff of smoke discharged from the barrel when fired, immediately giving away their position. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Henry and Colt weapons. Ditching your muzzle-loading Springfield for a lever-action Henry Rifle or even hammer-cocked Colt Revolver is ideal when combatting these troops. Despite their lower damage, careful aim can be taken to the head to maximize their effectiveness.


  • Civil War era troops armed with Springfields appear to have a fire-rate almost similar to that of bolt action rifle armed troops in the World War I era. Though this is still significantly slower than what the player, Alexander Morris, is capable of, it's alluded to in the Springfield Musket article that the average fire-rate for an experienced marksman was only about three shots per minute.