Union Cavalry

Union Cavalry taking aim at a Confederate troop with a Henry Rifle.

Cavalry are exclusive to the Civil War era. They are far less common than the Civil War Officer, as they are generally reserved as a special spawn in only special instances. They are also used by the Native Americans in the Battle of Little Bighorn and The Trap. They generally use two Colt Revolvers or the Henry Rifle; never however, will one be found with a Springfield Musket or Morgan-James Rifle. Cavalry units are effectively the same as regular troops - the same weaponry, the same hit-points, however, due to their supplemented mobility from their horses, their propensity to use rapid-firing weapons, and their tendency to be found in large numbers, they can be fearsome opponents. 

Most encounters witnessed between cavalry and troops will result in the infantry being cut to pieces. When fighting cavalry, it's advisable to use a Henry Rifle and find good cover behind a tree or fellow infantry, and fire at them head-on. It can be difficult at close range when they're moving perpendicular to register a hit due to their movement speed. Most cavalry will run in a circular pattern around enemy troops continuously, or simply follow roads, having highly predictable travel patterns. They are first encountered in the Battle of Little Bighorn, the first level that the player plays.