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The Bow is a common weapon used by the Native Americans. It can be dropped by the Native Americans, however it is not usable by the player. It is only seen in two levels: "The Battle of Little Bighorn" and "The Trap". When an arrow hits the player in their upper body area, it will be stuck in the player and will be visible. The arrows do not do much damage and are slower than bullets, so guns are much more effective.


Your character, wounded, at the Battle of Little Bighorn

  • When you are shot with an arrow in the very first level, before you are transported to the future, the arrow lands in your leg, confining you to sitting up on the ground to shoot. Unlike most First Person Shooter games, in this moment, you can actually look at the lower half of your body. This is also the only time in the game that you do not stand up or crouch. (See picture on right)