Alexander Morris is a Union soldier fighting in the battle of Little Big Horn during Custer's last stand, he is also
Alexander Morris

Alexander Morris on game's cover.

informed by Dexter later in the game that he is an M.I.A. He is also the player character. During Custer's last stand, his horse falls off a cliff when he is running from Native Americans that are chasing him and he is temporarily knocked out for a little bit. Two fellow soldiers wake him up and bring him to the hill where the rest of the men are fighting advancing Native Americans. Alexander then pulls out his Colt Revolver and he fights alongside them, even when he is injured by an arrow in the leg and cannot move. Soon after, the rest of the men are killed and Alexander is soon to be killed next, however a KronoteK soldier comes and saves him. Alexander is then brought back to the briefing room, and Mother informs him of what is going on, and he travels
KronoteK Soldier

KronoteK Soldier rescues Alexander

through time with Dexter, completing missions. 
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