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DoD AR-55 Assault Rifle 01a.jpg

Name: AR-55
"Go loud, drop Tango support"
Type: Assault Rifle
Service: Kronotek
Cartridge High-Velocity Armor-Piercing Anti-Personnel rounds.
Action: Long-stroke gas-operated piston. Rotary breach.
Controls: Two stage double-crescent trigger. Pulling the lower part of the trigger downwards produces semi-automatic fire. Pulling the upper part of the trigger backwards initiates fully-automatic fire.
Feed: Dorsal-loading high-capacity 40-round magazine.
Rates of Fire:
Types of Fire: Semi-automatic or full-automatic.
Overall Length:
Barrel: Chrome-lined quick-change barrel; polygonal rifling; 1-in-7" [1:180mm] barrel twist.
Sights: Universal Top-Rail for optics. Red-dot sight with best-of-industry battery life.
Design: Ultra-lightweight, ultra-durable polymer frame. High-speed, low drag ergonomics. Left-sided controls and charging handle.
Variants: Modular system uses barrels of different lengths to create a family of weapons.